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Wood Pallets for Sale

With our extensive experience in the pallet industry, we have established ourselves as leaders in the field.

Our specialization lies in delivering top-notch new wood pallets and custom crates, including heat-treated export containers.

Pallets play a vital role in various industries, and we understand that they are more than just load-bearing platforms.

Our expertise goes beyond load-reliability. We focus on unit load planning and design, ensuring cost-effective solutions and ease of handling. By collaborating with our pallet management company, your business gains numerous advantages.

We offer standard pallets in 48 x 40 as well as custom-designed pallets that are tailored to your unique requirements. We also offer heat-treated options for both domestic and international shipping. We have a solution for every challenge and look forward to serving you. Our selection includes:

• New Wood
• Heat Treated
• Recycled
• Picture Frame
• Double Sided
• Nine Legs
• Three Runner

Wood Pallets For Sale
We proudly hold the top spot as the leading supplier of wooden pallets in the country, offering a wide range of options, from new and custom pallets to repaired and remanufactured ones.
Buy New Pallets

Our brand-new pallets are meticulously crafted to meet your precise specifications and requirements. Depending on the project’s demands, we can create new pallets using both manual and automated processes.

Brand-new wooden pallets offer complete customization from the very beginning, ensuring they perfectly suit your needs. They are built to endure multiple trips without requiring any repairs. Even when repairs become necessary, these new pallets can be repurposed as reconditioned, eco-friendly pallets, continuing to serve your business. These new pallets not only offer an appealing appearance but also prove to be a wise investment. They come in a variety of custom sizes and styles to meet your specific needs.

Buy Recycled Wood Pallets

Opting for recycled pallets represents a more economical and environmentally conscious choice in comparison to new ones. We have the capacity to provide two categories of recycled pallets: Reconditioned (Repaired) and Remanufactured.

A&I Pallets maintain the same commitment to quality and materials in our reclaimed pallets as we do with all our products. Reclaimed pallets can save you up to 30% when compared to new ones. Thanks to our standardized processes, we offer a quality and specification guarantee for all our reclaimed pallets. This means that when you acquire pallets for multiple locations, you can expect the same high-grade pallets to be delivered to every single facility – without exception.

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