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Heat-Treating Service

At A&I Pallets, we're not just about crafting high-quality pallets and wood containers; we're also dedicated to ensuring your shipments meet international pest regulations.

Our heat-treating service is your solution for compliance with ISPM-15, the international regulation that governs wood packaging and aims to prevent the spread of wood-eating insects during export shipments.

Why trust our Heat-Treating Service?

ISPM-15 Certified: Our heat-treated pallets and wood containers are ISPM-15 certified, ensuring your shipments meet the required standards for international and domestic shipping.

Pest Prevention: Heat treatment is a proven method for eradicating wood-boring pests, guaranteeing that your products arrive at their destination free from potential threats.

Custom Solutions: We understand that your shipping needs may vary. Our heat-treating service is available as an add-on to our pallets and wood containers, offering you the flexibility to tailor your shipments to specific requirements.

Compliance and Peace of Mind: With our heat-treating service, you can trust that your shipments will meet all international regulations and ensure the smooth flow of your products across borders.

When you choose A&I Pallets for heat treatment, you’re not only selecting a reliable partner for your shipping needs, but you’re also investing in the safety and integrity of your products during transit. Contact us today to learn more about our Heat-Treating Service and how we can support your pest-free shipments.

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